Your Guide to Making Employee Gifts Count 

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Learn How to Be a Workplace Gift-Giving Expert

Research backs up what successful organizations have known all along – that appreciating employees day-in and day-out feeds productivity, retains employees and transforms workplace culture.

Workplace gifts are a tangible way to express your appreciation for each employee's contribution to your organization. It may seem like a simple gesture, but expressing genuine appreciation matters more to recipients than you may think.

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Employee Appreciation Gifts Send a Powerful Message

Gift-giving in the workplace is an opportunity to show you care and to make employees feel valued.

In this free eBook, you learn from experts not only why gift-giving is so important, but also how to do it well and effectively.

Inside this ebook you'll learn the secrets to the best employee gifts:

• The opportunity for business leaders
• Understanding what workers value
• The best workplace gifts
• How much is enough
• Gift-giving do's and don'ts
• How to make your gift memorable

Why wait? Anytime is a good time to share your sincere workplace appreciation with a thoughtful gift.

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"Recognition drives engagement and engagement drives productivity"
Dan Ariely
Duke University Behavioral Economist